The fAPE Autostaking protocol gives the fAPE token automatic staking and compounding features, and the highest Fixed APY in the market 153 552%, a daily ROI (Return On Investment) of 2.03%.
fAPE is a developer-based company focused on innovation that creates benefits and value for fAPE token holders. Our fAPE protocol is used in the fAPE token giving it exception benefits for holders of $fAPE:
  • Easy and Safe – We provide autostaking right in your wallet when you purchase $fAPE. No need to move your tokens to our website. From the minute you buy, you are staked, and set to receive rebase rewards. The easiest auto-staking in DeFi.
  • A Fixed APY – APYs that fluctuate means you can never tell how many tokens you will receive. Other DeFi protocols pay out a high APY that can fluctuate by 90% in a day. fAPE pays $fAPE holders a fixed interest rate of 2.03% daily or with compounding 153 552% annually, that tops the industry.
  • Fast Rebase Rewards. Other popular staking protocols pay rebasing rewards every 8 hours which means if you want to unstake you have to time it to get maximum rewards. The fAPE Auto-staking Protocol pays every 30 minutes, or 48 times every day, making it the fastest auto-staking protocol in crypto.
The fAPE uses a complex set of factors to support its price and the rebase rewards. It also uses game theory and human nature to determine the most likely habits of those who buy the token. Our development team has coordinated all of these elements so they work seamlessly behind the scenes. The result is a simple and elegant staking and rewards system for $fAPE holders.
The fAPE is as flexible as it is powerful and will be used as the foundation for a range of fAPE products, services, and projects going forward. Each will transform a different area of crypto.
Last modified 10mo ago